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Can India be a manufacturing hub like China?

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In the recent days we have seen many changes in Indian markets either it is success story of Reliance industries or removal of Chinese products from Indian markets. Their has been a diverse effect on day to day life of Indian citizens also because every citizen posses atleast a thing of Chinese brand in their house whether it is a kid's toy or something in electronics.
So, now the question is after all these removal or boycotting Chinese products can India be able to tackle the quantity and quality of products which we were importing from China.

The answer is yes India is capable of doing something great than this and how, we can see the growth of India in technology in the last 5-10 years in which Reliance plays a major role. Reliance introduced jio to Indian which bring faster internet accessibility to the users and this step has increased number of 4G users in India and also we had seen a sudden growth in the number of smartphone manufacture. The result is we can now see every indian having an access to faster internet and even people who are not much privileged are also using a 4G tuned smartphone.
Doing many of the works in few seconds which might take days before introduction to 4G connectivity. After the successful introduction of 4G, India now started digital payment system with the help of these you can buy, transfer and even book your any tickets only sitting at home, but before the introduction of digital payment method for doing these things you need to wait for hours and standing in big rows wasting important time. So this step made Indian life very easy. And if looking at the figures there are more than 400 million active users in India.
And if we talk about after the boycotting of Chinese products and apps, can India is able to tackle the loss, you guys can see this very well around you in the news the number of investment in India by foreign companies has increased rapidly in just last 4-5 months, Apple has started manufacturing it's premium phones in Chennai, India. Apple's manufacturing company Foxconn invested $1 billion in India. Samsung has established it's biggest manufacturing factory in Noida and started making phones a year ago.
Google, Microsoft, and Qualcomm big companies like these already invested in Reliance to start a new project in India, Amazon also planning to buy 9.9% shares of Reliance to start a new project. India's flipkart has bought all indian Walmart shares and trying to become independent once again and also started a programme to reach to the kirana or small shops to deliver the groceries to the customers in shortest possible time. Many other big companies are now showing interest in Indian market.
Now by all these examples it is very clear India has ability to become greater manufacturing hub than china in upcoming 10 or may be more  years but no so long.

You guys should watch this interview of Mr. Mukesh Ambani with CEO of Microsoft Mr. Satya Nadella.

At the end a humble request to all smartphone manufactures and big industrialist of India this is the right time to invest their time or passion to take India to the new heights.

I have attached some graphs to show the improvement in India.


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Image below showing increment of online payments in India in past years.

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  3. It would be more informative,if provided with stats and role of governments and other factors , still its good for gaining basic knowledge of future in Indian digital marketing.

    1. Thank you brother I'll take this as a note for my next blog☺️

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  5. It was amazing. India would be one of the best and most powerful developed countries in the world after some years.

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