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What is Knox Security?

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It is a security system that comes in almost all Samsung devices it could be a smartphones, smart watches and tablets also. Basically it is a combination of hardware and software that’s fabricated in the products during manufacturing process. Knox is Samsung’s multilayer defense-grade security platform including advanced security and management features built into Samsung’s latest devices.

Knox security had been honoured by most secure system all over the world in year 2019.

This security system had been developed by the company taking into consideration of Business owners. It protects your device from hacking, blotwares and many type of malware. It is very obvious that a business owner gets through many online payments and have important document, which he wanted to keep protected. Not only business owners but in the phase of digitalisation common people also started using online methods of every single work, so they also wanted their personal details like banking details, and important documents keep protected. Multiple layers of security create opportunities for advanced management and control not possible without Knox. Knox keeps hackers out and your company’s and personal data safe the moment it turns on.

Knox is a customisable and innovative system that makes your work super smooth and safe.

Now there is always a question about overpriced products from Samsung, here everyone needs to see that company is not only providing good features in the products but also providing best security system in the segment which other companies (here I am not talking about Apple and Google’s pixel because they are also providing the best security system among all the companies)  might lags.

Samsung’s products comes with very superior quality security system comparing to other companies which offers you best features in their products but what about security.

Some of the article cutting regarding data leaks attached right here.

 Source - Forbes 

Source - The Economic Times


At this point Samsung with its Knox provides you trust of securing your personal data.

Knox Active Protection (KAP)* is a set of security mechanisms that defend against mobile

 device attacks that attempt to modify, observe, or otherwise influence certain critical parts of

 the device operating system or its data.”


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  1. In this era of digitalisation,cyber security is a the most important thing a company or an organisation can have, most of the people prioritize the attractive offerings which chinese companies provide over the quality of cyber security.
    This issue should must be raised in the debates of the parliament.


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