Google Chrome soon to get new screen shot tool in Window 10

Some sources claiming that Google is working on bringing the screen shot feature in the Google Chrome app in Windows, and also there is leak about integrating the new screenshot tool with the Google lens for better functionality. Till now, there are only two ways you can take capture snap shot in the Google Chrome: one by using the snipping tool and the second by using Google Chrome extensions (like awesome Screenshot & Screen recorder).

Screenshot  trick in Google Chrome

 The latest android version of Chrome OS is already having new screen shot tools in the share many by which you can capture only the thing display on the screen, similar like the Snipping tool in the Windows. And according to the new reports Google is planning to provide new screen shot feature with a Google Chrome updates which will also include options like " copy link" or "copy link test". 

The features are still in the development phase and are only limited to take what it displayed on the screen. It will save the screen shots in the clipboard and will also offer feature of edit or share the saved screen shots. Google is also planning to integrate this feature with the Google lens just to improve its usability and functionality.

For now this is all we have about the new Google Chrome updates and for more stay connected.