New way of charging mobile phones & other gadgets - by Human urine

 Since, past few years we have seen many methods or techniques to produce energy like extracting energy from sun or combustion of fuels or battery based electric cars and many more but recently in a UK based laboratory a team of Scientist has developed a unique way of generating energy to charge your phone or many other gadgets and it is done by using human urine.

mobile phone charging, charging mobile phone by human urine
Image credit : Gizmochina

This new method has discovered by a team of researchers at Bristol Bioenergy Center, the project is known as "Pee Power" and was first demonstrated at the Glastonbury festival two years back. The firm started this project with an aim of getting enough power, which can someday will power the entire household.

Back in the year 2019 at the Glastonbury festival, the researchers proved that we can extract energy from the urine with a constant voltage supply. And the energy produced by this technique can be further used to power bulbs, motors or robots or mobile phone and other electric gadgets. The Director of Bristol Bioenergy Center also revealed that the solution was able to generate 300 watt power during five days of entire festival.

The team also explained the concept behind what holds this urine solution, the team calls it microbial fuel cells. Microbial fuel cells looks like many battery cells placed in a line but filled with a colony of microbes, which the filled with organic matter where all the chemical reaction happens and generated the required electricity and clean waste water.

Researchers of Bristol Bioenergy center also discussed the problem or hurdle they are facing now is, how to reduce the size of cells so that they can easily fit like batteries do. However, this technique is still in the developing phase but we can have an idea about how the future of energy will look like.