Xiaomi introduced its new Loop liquidcool technology for next gen devices

 As we all can see, all the smartphone manufacturers try to provide the best components in their most high end smartphone or any other gadget like, best camera or best software or best hardware. And among all these processing, the heat dissipation capacity of the device is all necessary. Only a phone with best class heat dissipation tech will deliver a non-stop high end experience. A premium phone with bad heat dissipation cannot deliver premium performance.

loop LiquidCool technology by xiaomi
Image credit : Gizmochina

And Xiaomi has taken this thing one step forward by launching its new loop LiquidCool technology, which is claimed to work twice as efficient as conventional vapour chambers (VC). This whole mechanism is based on a loop based chamber, which includes an evaporator or condensor or refill chamber and liquid or and gas pipe. 

Xiaomi's loop liquid cool technology
Image credit : Gizmochina

The evaporator has a refrigerant that evaporates the gas when the phone is in heavy workload and then the gas moves towards condensor where its converted back to cool liquid which then absorb or collected via tiny fiber in the refill chamber, which again refills the evaporators and makes it a self-sustaining cycle. The system does not posses separate pipes for cool and hot gases, here cool or hot gases mix and obstruct each other. And the ring-shaped pipe features a special gas pipe design, which reduces the air passage resistant by 30% and the maximum heat transfer capacity becomes 100%.

This design also includes a tesla valve, which works as a one-way pipe that allows liquid to pass through the evaporator and blocking gases from moving in the wrong direction. This develops higher efficiency in transferring liquid/hot gases throughout the cycle. 

This structure will allow to stack and adopt the loop LiquidCool technology into any type of internal design. Xiaomi says that a square based design will gain more for camera or battery or etc.Xiaomi also revealed its future plans to bring loop LiquidCool technology to its product till second half of 2022.